Diving courses

The different diving courses are separated by areas, depending on whether they are recreational, diving specialties or professional.

By clicking on the image or the title of the blocks below, or using the top menu, you will access the page where we list the courses and certifications included in that area. When contracting a course with your instructor, if the elearning version is available and it is the one you have chosen, by clicking on the corresponding certification you will be able to access the course with the username and password you have chosen. If you have contracted your course in another language, please change the language in the selector that you see in the menu of each screen.

This includes the courses from Scuba Diver, the most basic one to Rescue Diver, the most advanced one within the recreational area. A Rescue Diver may obtain, if he wishes, the prestigious certifications of Master Diver, Master Plus Diver and Specialties Plus Diver according to the specialties he completes. The recreational area together with the specialties covers all the training needs that any diver may wish.

Diving is so complex that it is impossible to cover all its characteristics and possible scenarios in a single course. The specialties range from specific, more complex techniques, to dive training in different conditions or scenarios. They are the natural complement of training for divers who experience any specific concerns.

It includes the courses of Divemaster, Entry Level Instructor, Open Water Instructor and Advanced Instructor. These prestigious certifications enable the holder to work in dive training with his students. They are the mainstay of ACUC’s prestige.

It includes the Instructor Trainer and Instructor Trainer Evaluator certifications. These are the certifications that recognize that its holder has achieved the highest level of training and leadership in dive training.