Leadership levels

On this page we show you the ACUC leadership levels. The members of the leadership levels are those ACUC Instructors who have achieved such a high level that besides training and certifying divers, they can train and certify new ACUC instructors. Each table below, contains a brief description of the certification and, if there is online material available for each specific certification, by clicking on the box or title you access its online material. In order to access it you need to have a username and password that ACUC must have provided you.

Reaching this level it is not easy. You must be an excellent professional, have ample dive training experience and know ACUC standards, training methods and procedures very well.

Instructor Trainer

As an Instructor Trainer you will be able to certify Entry Level Instructors. You may also teach, but not certify the Open Water Instructor level. You will be able to do Instructors “crossover” courses for Instructors from other ACUC recognized Organizations, certifying them up to and including the Open Water Instructor level. Minimum age is 22 years old.

To obtain this rating, you must have the ACUC Instructor level of several specialties which are specified in the ACUC standards.

Instructor Trainer Evaluator

The Instructor Trainer Evaluator is an honorific certification, therefore, there are no specific training program involved. It can be obtained by those Advanced Instructors or Instructor Trainers that fulfil a series of prerequisites. This certification can only be offered by the President of ACUC, either at their own decision or as a request of at least one ACUC Instructor Trainer Evaluator. Minimum age is 24 years old.

The Instructor Trainer Evaluators are able to train and certify all levels, up to and including the Instructor Trainer level. In regards to diving training and certification, they must work exclusively with ACUC.