Join our team

Join our team

ACUC is looking for people who wish to be ACUC Delegates in various countries.

Please Note: The following information is only available in English as ACUC International Delegates must be able to speak and understand English.

  • Are you a person with in-depth knowledge of the diving industry in your country?
  • Are you willing to assume responsibility in exchange for an excellent income potential?
  • Are you willing to work exclusively with ACUC and experience the next best thing to having your own certification agency?
  • Can you already teach instructors or/and are you willing to train to became an ACUC Instructor Trainer Evaluator?


If the answer is YES to all these questions, then please continue reading:

As an ACUC International Delegate you will be responsible for ACUC’s operations in your country or area

Your income potential will depend on your abilities and your desire for growth

You will have full exclusivity in your country or area

All actual and future ACUC Instructors in your country or area will depend from you

They will get their ACUC Training materials and certification kits from you

You will supervise and control the adherence to ACUC standards

In other words, it will be like having your own international certification agency with the advantage of having an already in place, internationally recognised, set of procedures, standards and multilingual, full scope, of training materials, including manuals, videos, CDs, transparencies, tables, elearning, etc, for all Diver and Instructor levels

Now you may say: “Sounds good, but what else is involved here???”

If the country or area that you wish is available and ACUC accepts your request for Delegateship, and you agree with the contractual terms and conditions, and if ACUC materials are available already in the language of the country, you will be requested to pay a small one time registration fee. This fee varies depending on the country or area and is determined taking into consideration several factors, such as:

– Country’s Population
– Country’s Political Stability
– Country’s Economy
– Country’s Internal Tourism Potential (related to Scuba Diving)
– Country’s External Tourism Potential (related to Scuba Diving)
– Number of ACUC Instructors already in the country or area

This small one time fee will cover:

– The exclusivity rights for your territory
– The ACUC know-how that we will provide you
– Legal and Contract fees

If ACUC Materials are not yet available in the language of the country, this fee could be partially waved in exchange for translations of ACUC materials within a predetermined period of time.

Contracts are signed for a minimum period of 5 years and can be automatically extended for subsequent, unlimited 5 years periods, as long as all conditions are met and if both, the Delegate and ACUC agree.

What we have told you here is just a brief resume of what is involved.

As we mentioned before, your desire for growth is the only limit…and we will be there to help you all the way.

If you wish more information, please send us an email to giving us some information about yourself and telling us the country or area you are interested in.

If you think the delegation is a bit much to handle for now, there are other possibilities, such as for example becoming an ACUC Authorized Distributor / Instructor Training Centre in your country. Ask us about it