ACUC Crossovers

ACUC Crossovers

Program for instructors from CMAS or RSTC member organizations and other organizations recognized by ACUC, who wish to crossover to ACUC.


ACUC crossovers consist of three main parts:

1. One where you show us what you think.

2. One where you show us what you know.

3. One where we tell you about ACUC.


This part consists of a psychotechnical evaluation that, depending on the number of people in the course and the preferences of the evaluating Instructor Trainer, can be done in writing, by answering some simple questions or in a conversation between the evaluator and the candidate.


You must do:

1. A written exam on the following topics:

  • ACUC Rules and Procedures.
  • Physiopathology and its relationship with diving.
  • General knowledge.
  • Rescue with Scuba.
  • Teaching techniques.
  • Decompression Tables: DCIEM Tables (Defense and Civil Institute for Environmental Medicine – Canada).
  • Marketing Techniques.

Don’t worry, we expect you to fail in the ACUC Procedures and Rules, as well as in the DCIEM tables section (unless you are already familiar with these tables).

We will not be surprised if you fail in the Marketing Techniques section as well, as your marketing idea could be quite different from ours and furthermore, you may also fail in the Pedagogical Techniques section, as our techniques and system could be different from the one you use.

If it fails, nothing will happen because these are some of the subjects that we will cover in the 3rd part of the program. However, as an Instructor, we do not expect you to fail the Pathophysiology, General Knowledge or Scuba Rescue sections. These sections are basically the same no matter what organization you come from.

The reason why we need this written exam is not only because we like to see what you know, but also for legal reasons, since ACUC must have written proof of your knowledge.

Please understand this point and don’t be offended by it.

2. At least two oral presentations in the classroom:

  • One on a topic, related to diving, of your choice.
  • One on a theme, related to diving, of our choice.

3. At least two complete cycle practical presentations (out of the water, in the water, out of the water). These presentations are usually held in the pool:

  • One on a topic of your choice.
  • One on a topic of our choice.

4. A simulated Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) ground demonstration.

5. A demonstration in the pool of Rescue with Scuba.

Since you are already an Instructor for another organization(s), we will expect to see demonstrations of Instructor quality in all of these subjects.


If your performance is considered adequate, then we will proceed to the 3rd and last part of the program, where we will talk about:

  1. ACUC.
  2. ACUC standards.
  3. ACUC material.
  4. ACUC procedures.

Depending on the result of the evaluation of the 2nd Part of the program, the evaluating Instructor Trainer could also review the following subjects with the candidates:

  • Teaching techniques.
  • DCIEM Decompression Tables.
  • Marketing Techniques.


Once all these steps have been satisfactorily completed, you will be an ACUC Instructor. You will be part of a proud, fast-growing, high-quality and progressive organization. An Organization that is known throughout the world for its quality, safety and high standards.

There is one more thing you should know. As an ACUC Instructor you should have the following two specialties: First Aid and Oxygen Provider. You must also have excellent knowledge of Underwater Lifesaving and Rescue, if not, you will be asked to take the ACUC Rescue and Underwater Lifesaving Diver course.

We understand that you have just joined ACUC and therefore it is quite illogical for us to ask you to already have this. For this reason, we give you up to 6 months after you obtain your ACUC Instructor certification to complete these requirements.

If you already have similar specialties from another organization, it is possible to homologate them by those of ACUC. Your Instructor Trainer will explain how this can be done during the crossover program.

We hope this has explained what an ACUC crossover is. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call, fax, email or write to the ACUC Delegate in your country or to one of the 2 ACUC Main Offices (Canada and Spain).

We are here to help you and we would like the opportunity to show you first hand that at ACUC, you are considered a valuable person and not just a number.